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Ysgol Gynradd St John Lloyd RC Primary School

To be the best we can be, living to learn, learning to live with God at our side.


YEAR 5/6 Mr Sheehan

Information on our class structure and curriculum at SJL


In line with our prospectus, classes are mixed ability with some year groups being split year groups. In the case where TEACHING classes are based on ability the pupils parent/ guardian will be notified individually and the reasons explained for the grouping.

In Maths pupils are set as this allows the teaching to maximise the development of pupils skills and understanding. Homework is provided through MY MATHS. Please see the attached link for explanation of  how to maximise homework in addition to set weekly HW by class 


In literacy classes pupils are mixed ability with spelling groups based on pupils spelling ages and their consistent understanding of spelling rules. The school uses Nelson Spelling. The book colour reflects the expected spelling patterns for that year group;

RED =Y1-2, YELLOW = Y2-3, PURPLE= Y3-4, BLUE= Y4, GREEN = Y5, ORANGE =Y6 


Remember SJL has an open door policy and communication between the school and parents is vital to us developing your child's education. If you would like to discuss any issues with the class teacher or pop in for a chat please book a time slot with the secretary.

Croeso/Welcome to Year 5/6!

Welcome back to our final term together!

It is so exciting to see the children develop and grow in readiness for Year 6 and high school. After a very lovely holiday, we are very excited to see what this wonderful term building up to summer brings. We hope we have as much laughter, smiles and enthusiasm throughout the rest of our year together. 

We thank you for your continued support,

Mr Sheehan and Ms Fowler smiley

Some of you will be spending time this term meeting some of your new teachers from high school, meeting politicians, taking part in swimming lessons, attending masses and celebrations and of course for some of you, Morfa Bay will be your residential visit.



Our brand new topics for the summer term are “The Swinging Sixties” and “Artists with Attitude”

We will be comparing life today with life 60 years ago and investing how and why man made it to the moon. We will also be studying real life heroes: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, JFK and Neil Armstrong and finding out how they influenced the world we live in today.



In our literacy lessons this term, we will be studying biographical writing, explanations and news reports. We will also use be creating films using the “screen for schools” initiative and exploring some of the works of Shakespeare.



In our maths lessons this term will be exploring percentages, area and perimeter and our data skills of drawing graphs. Don’t forget to keep checking your “Mymaths” page for extra help and to complete all tasks set.


Our RE topic this term is called “The Ends of the Earth.” Christians believe that the spirit of God is active in each person and the feast of Pentecost is a celebration of this. We will be focusing and reflecting upon the appearance of Jesus after the resurrection, the Ascension of Jesus into heaven and the disciples as witnesses to the Easter message. We will find examples of modern day witnesses and think about how we can become witnesses through our words and actions.



Our virtues this term are asking us to become “Eloquent” and “Truthful”. These virtues will help us to be eloquent with the way we speak and treat others; and truthful about the choices we make and the effects of our choices.





PE will take place on a Friday, so please make sure you have your kit every week!



  • Bugclub
  • Spellings (Set on Google Classroom)



  • MyMaths
  • Topic based learning