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YEAR 5\6

Mr Hennessy's Class Page

Information on our class structure and curriculum in KS2 at SJL

In line with our prospectus, classes in KS2 are mixed ability with some year groups being split year groups. In the case where TEACHING classes are based on ability the pupils parent/ guardian will be notified individually and the reasons explained for the grouping.

In Maths pupils are set as this allows the teaching to maximise the development of pupils skills and understanding. Homework is provided through MY MATHS. Please see the attached link for explanation of  how to maximise homework in addition to set weekly HW by class 


In literacy classes pupils are mixed ability with spelling groups based on pupils spelling ages and their consistent understanding of spelling rules. The school uses Nelson Spelling. The book colour reflects the expected spelling patterns for that year group;

RED =Y1-2, YELLOW = Y2-3, PURPLE= Y3-4, BLUE= Y4, GREEN = Y5, ORANGE =Y6 


Remember SJL has an open door policy and communication between the school and parents is vital to us developing your child's education. If you would like to discuss any issues with the class teacher or pop in for a chat please book a time slot with the secretary

Welcome back to the final stretch of our school year at St. John Lloyd!


The summer term promises to be a fun filled and exciting time for all of us, with lots of challenges and new beginnings to look forward to. Our classrooms may look a little different but our lessons and learning opportunities will be as enjoyable as always!  


You will be working with lots of different teachers again this term in preparation for high school. Mrs Brazil, Mr. Gould and Mrs. Davies are already looking forward to coming back into our classroom and helping you with your Welsh and PE skills.

Our brand new topic for the summer term is called “Champions”, and we will be researching and exploring the achievements of some of our greatest heroes, in particular those men and women who have inspired us through their sporting successes. We will be finding out when and where the first sporting championships began, the dedication needed to be a sports superstar and the diet and fitness routine that many follow.


In our literacy lessons this term, we will be studying biographical writing, explanations and news reports. We will also use the novel Danny the Champion of the world to further develop our creative writing, and enhance our love of the works of Roald Dahl.



Our RE topic after Easter is called 'Transformation'. We will be exploring how Christians believe that the Spirit of God is in each person and in a special way in the community of believers, which is the church.


Our virtues this term are asking us to become “compassionate” and “loving”. This means we will try to be compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by our just actions and forgiving words. Jesus’ great commandment is “Love one another.” (John 13:34)  The more we love others, the more we are truly human and most truly ourselves.





 We will continue to develop our Welsh language in preparation for year 6/ High School and build upon our ICT skills using google classroom and a range of apps and resources. Don’t forget to keep checking your “BUG CLUB” and “MYMATHS” pages and updated maths targets will be regularly posted on our class page.          


Mr Hennessy




Spellings ( through google classroom)


My Maths


Topic based learning


Don’t forget your PE kit!