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Ysgol Gynradd St John Lloyd RC Primary School

To be the best we can be, living to learn, learning to live with God at our side.


YEAR 3/4

Information on our class structure and curriculum in KS2 at SJL

In line with our prospectus, classes in KS2 are mixed ability with some year groups being split year groups. In the case where TEACHING classes are based on ability the pupils parent/ guardian will be notified individually and the reasons explained for the grouping.

In Maths pupils are set as this allows the teaching to maximise the development of pupils skills and understanding. Homework is provided through MY MATHS. Please see the attached link for explanation of  how to maximise homework in addition to set weekly HW by class 


In literacy classes pupils are mixed ability with spelling groups based on pupils spelling ages and their consistent understanding of spelling rules. The school uses Nelson Spelling. The book colour reflects the expected spelling patterns for that year group;

RED =Y1-2, YELLOW = Y2-3, PURPLE= Y3-4, BLUE= Y4, GREEN = Y5, ORANGE =Y6 


Remember SJL has an open door policy and communication between the school and parents is vital to us developing your child's education. If you would like to discuss any issues with the class teacher or pop in for a chat please book a time slot with the secretary

Hello everyone,

 I am sure you will all agree that it is so good being back at St John Lloyd School. We are all getting used to working in a different way in our classrooms, but together we will make our classroom a safe and happy place for us to learn.


This half term our topic is ‘Castles and Dragons’. We will be learning about life in Wales in the Ages of the Princes. We will also be finding out about our very own Dragon or Draig Coch!


Our novel this term is called ‘Invasion’ which is set in the time of the Age of the Princes. We will be developing our non-fiction writing and research skills when finding out all about castles. Don’t forget to read your weekly book on Bug Club and complete all the activities.


In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting with larger numbers as well as finding out about the properties of shape and learning more times tables. Please see your maths teacher’s class page for more information in your latest Maths Newsletter. Also you can use ‘My Maths’ at home anytime to do some extra practice on your lessons in school.


Our RE topic is called ‘People’. We will be thinking about ‘Where do we come from?’ as we will be researching Jesus’s family tree and learning about some of his ancestors.

Our Virtues this term are asking us to become 'Active' and 'Curious'. This means exploring God’s creation and asking questions to find out more. Everything around us was created by God. Being curious about these things – from tiny insects to enormous planets, from the languages of the Earth to the patterns made by numbers – brings us closer to God. To become active we can work to make things better where we can. As we use our curiosity to explore, we find things that could be better: a friend is unhappy; a neighbour is lonely; there is litter in the playground; the whiteboard needs wiping. Some of these problems we can fix. By being active we take responsibility for these tasks and look after God’s creation. 


Alongside all of this, we will be improving our ICT skills and our knowledge of reading, writing and speaking yn Cymraeg!


Keep smiling!

Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Webb



P.E. is on Tuesdays so do not forget your kit!



Bug Club

1 book and all activities each week

Updated on Thursdays


Homework set on Mondays

Spelling test on Monday


My Maths set each week set on Wednesday

Complete by the following Wednesday

1 other e.g. Topic, R.E.

Set Fridays

Complete by the following Monday.


Hello Everyone,


What a fantastic 1st half term we have had, with lots of hard work completed! You have all settled back into school very well, and have tried your best to follow the rules. 


This half terms topic is 'Wild Wood'. We will be doing lots of investigations and learning about woodland plants and animals, and their habitats. We will be looking at the art work of Andy Goldsworthy and creating some lovely pieces of our own. 


In Literacy we will be looking at the story of 'Robin Hood', looking at characters and settings. We will be developing our descriptive writing skills. We are going to work on our handwriting. Spellings will be uploaded on to our class page each week and on to HWB. We will no longer be sending home paper copies. The children know what spelling groups they are in, but if there is any confusion, don't hesitate to ask Mrs Lewis or Mrs Webb. Spellings will be Tested each Monday, and new ones set.


In maths this term we are working on our times tables. This will help to develop our multiplication and division skills. We shall be practicing to tell the time to the nearest minute. 


Don't forget to log onto my maths, and bug club each week to complete your homework. All passwords have been sent home, children know how to log on, as we have practiced in class. If there are any issues please get in touch so we can help sort them out. 

PE will be on a Monday, we will also be working towards a virtual Christmas concert.


We are looking forward to a lovely half term with lots of fun and hard work.


Keep up the good work!

Mrs Lewis and Mrs Webb