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Ysgol Gynradd St John Lloyd RC Primary School

To be the best we can be, living to learn, learning to live with God at our side.


School Improvement & professional learning plans

 Below are the School Improvement priorities for 2020-21


Pupil Development Grant Priorities (Pupils who are entitled to free school meals)

*Identifying and addressing underachievement, particularly for those pupils who have experienced barriers to engaging in remote learning during Covid 19 through;

*Improving  the standards of eFSM pupils  PDG

*Continue to improve eFSM & GTR pupils attendance

*Continue to build on Parental engagement strategies

*Continue to develop ELSA/ THRIVE provision

*Further enhance Extra-curricular opportunities.


Early Years Grant & Welsh Priorities (MEAG)

*Identifying and addressing underachievement, particularly for those pupils who have experienced barriers to engaging in remote learning during Covid 19 through;

*To improve educational outcomes for all learners.

*To reduce the impact of deprivation EIG

*Professional Development – ( PLG Plan)

*Gain the Welsh Charter Silver Award (Silver Award)


Whole School Priorities

Inspection Area 1:  Standards

*To raise the standards of writing in all genres in Foundation Phase, Key stage 2 especially additional learning needs and GTR pupils

*To continue to reduce the attainment gap in key stage two  between pupils entiled to free school meals and non free school meal pupils in maths, literacy & more able.

* Raise the standards in Early Years (2020-21) and Y1 ( 2019-20) due to impact of Covid 19.


Whole School Priority 2 :

Inspection Area 2 : Wellbeing

*Supporting the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of pupils especially those impacted by Covid 19

*Pupils to gain gold award in Rights Respecting Schools


Whole School Priority 3 :

Inspection Area 3 : Teaching & Learning

*To develop effective approaches to remote/blended teaching, learning and/or assessment to enable remote learning

*Implementation of focused teaching strategies to develop , catch up and enhance Literacy and Numeracy in light of Covid 19


Whole School Priority 4 :

Inspection Area 4 : Care Support & Guidance

*To develop effective approaches to delivering services to vulnerable learners and those learners who have statements of special educational need impacted by Covid 19

*Enhancing parental engagement to support their child’s learning


Whole School Priority 5 :

Inspection Area 5 : Leadership

*Develop leadership opportunities by developing an effective programme of professional learning for teachers with reference to the new curriculum and blended learning (Building capacity)

* Buildings and Maintenance 


"The Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) is extra funding from the Welsh Government to overcome the additional barriers poorer pupils face that prevent them from reaching their potential.  This may include exceptionally able pupils who, because of their family background are not achieving their full personal potential, even though they appear to be holding their own in comparison with their peers ".

The allocation for the financial year 2020-21 for SJL based on percentage of free school meals is £96,600.

This money will fund small groups or individual support  and interventions to develop pupils numeracy and literacy skills.  This will include using specialist intervention programmes alongside resources including digital technologies (DCF).

School Improvement Plan 2020-21